Can Usb 3.1 Unify The Interface? Talking About The Development Of Usb

Since the Appearance of the Pc, the Development of Interfaces Has Continued to Evolve, and Some Have Disappeared over Time. Among Them, Usb is Undoubtedly One of the Most Enduring Interfaces. It Has Been Nearly 20 Years Since the Appearance of Usb1.0 in 1996. History, and the Interface Rate Has Also Developed from Usb1.0 to Usb3.1.

   Each Version of the Innovation Has Brought a Higher Transmission Rate. the Usb Transmission Speed Has Evolved from 1.0 (1.5mbps), 2.0 (480mbps), and 3.0 (5gbps) to Today’s Maximum Transmission Speed of 10gbps. at the Same Time of Speed Innovation, Each Generation of Usb Interface Types Has Also Evolved and Developed. Today We Will Talk About the Development of Usb Interface Types.

The Reason Why I Want to Talk to You About the Usb Interface Today Is, of Course, the Emergence of the Very Popular Usb3.1 Type-c Interface, and the Reason for Its Popularity is Due to the Latest Release of Apple’s New Product Launch Conference That Has Attracted Worldwide Attention. the Port of Macbook Has Been Changed. the Whole Machine Does Not Have Any Other Ports, Only a Usb3.1 Type-c Port. It is Precisely Because of This That This Port Has Attracted Attention, but Many Consumers Still Don’t Know It Very Well. I Even Mistakenly Believe That the Usb3.1 Type-c Interface is Apple’s Invention, and Even Believe That It is the Same Product As Apple’s Lightning Cable, Because They Are Very Similar in Length, and the Same Feature is That They Can Be Free from Pros and Cons. Plug In.


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