Dc jack series

Internal part number:BDCF05B1A12004

Illustrate:The DC socket is the traditional mainstream power interface.


Product Advantages

DC JACK Connector

1. High voltage regulation accuracy

2. Fast dynamic response

3. Strong anti-interference ability

4. Wide operating temperature range


DC JACK Connector

1. Digital products

2. Communication

3. Infrared induction remote control products

4. Electrical products

5. Security products such as monitors and video interphones;

6. Electronic toy products

7. Medical equipment 8. Recording pen

Recommended Products

2.BDCF05B1A12003 DC JACK FEMALE RVS H1.60 弧口
4.BDCF031B1N12046SR DC POWER JACK Φ5.5 中心针Φ2.50卧式 DIP
6.BDCF048B4M12043ST DC POWER JACK Φ4.0 电源插座
1.BDCF05B1A12004 DC JACK FEMALE RVS H1.60(平口)
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