Common Problem

Nothing happens on the TV after connecting the computer to the TV?

1) First switch the TV signal to the corresponding HDMI interface;

2) When switching the video, first adjust the computer resolution to the TV’s initial resolution and refresh rate (generally set the computer’s resolution to 1024*768 and the refresh rate to 60HZ) , Adjust the TV resolution after connecting;

3) If it is a laptop, you need to switch the output screen;

4) Some computers need to be turned off and connected, and then turned on again.

On the XP system, click the right button-properties-settings-click the icon of the TV screen (usually 2), adjust the screen resolution on the win7 system, right-click the desktop-screen resolution-click the icon of the TV screen ( Generally 2), adjust the screen resolution.

When the screen is expanded, the mode displayed on the TV is a point-to-point mode. The resolution of the TV is 1920*1080, and the resolution of the desktop picture does not reach the resolution of the TV, so it is only in the middle.

First adjust the resolution of the TV correctly, just adjust the zoom function of the graphics card.

First determine whether the graphics card driver is correct, and then set the audio output on the computer to the audio of the graphics card.

This is caused by the poor connection of the computer or TV interface, please change to another interface for testing.

After the computer and TV are connected, the default is “Extended Mode”, and you only need to set it to “Copy Mode” on the computer resolution setting window.

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