Internal part number: BUSM24B3M1143

Product Specifications: USB TYPE C 24P male stand AMT H=11.10mm
Version: 3.2
Connector Shape: Standard
Connector and Body Type: Mate
Number of ports: 1

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USB Type-C is the newest interface from the USB Association and has a smaller size than both Type-A and Type-B. It is an interface type that can be used for both PCs (master devices) and external devices (slave devices, such as cell phones) [1].

USB Type-C has four pairs of TX/RX splitters, two pairs of USBD+/D-, one pair of SBU, two CCs, plus four VBUS and four grounds [2].


Product advantages:

1. USB 3.1 standard maximum data transfer speed up to 10Gbit/sec,

2. USB4.0 standard maximum data transfer speed up to 40Gbit/sec, 

3. Type-C interface socket end size of 8.34mm x 2.56mm slim design.

4. supports the “forward and reverse plug” function which can be inserted from both sides and can withstand 10,000 times repeated plugging and unplugging.

5. The standard size cable with Type-C connector can pass 3A current, and also supports “USB PD” which exceeds the existing USB power supply capacity and can provide up to 100W power.









30.BUSM24B3M1143-USB TYPE C 24P 公座 立式SMT H=11.10mm


1.BHDF19B3N1214 HDMI AF 反向沉板DIP H=2.78mm
9.BRJF085B3N1293SR RJ45 半边沉板式DIP H=5.50mm
15.BUSF24B3N11284 USB TYPE C 24P 母座 双层外壳 沉板双SMT H=2.18mm
22.BUSF092L1N12306ST USB 3.0 AF 板上型DIP 有卷边弯脚 加长胶芯
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