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Internal part number:BDBF15B2N1265

  • Illustrate:A D-SUB connector is a type of connector. D-SUB connectors are manufactured in a variety of styles, options and accessories, making d-sub connectors a very economical interconnect solution. Including high and low frequency mixed, high current and high density d-sub connectors, d-sub connectors, including insulating body, harpoon-shaped plate lock, back cover and multiple conductive terminals; after assembly, the harpoon-shaped plate lock is quilted It is limited in the limiting mechanism, thereby effectively solving the problem of uneven foot height of the existing d-sub connector due to the unreliable locking position of the harpoon-shaped plate and easy rotation.

Product Advantages

D-USB Connector
  • 1. Structural Standards
  • 2. Beautiful appearance
  • 3. Easy to install


D-USB Connector
  • Set Top Box
  • Controlling Device
  • Energy Meter

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