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Internal part number:BUSF202B3N11350SR

  • Illustrate:FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit board translated into Chinese is: flexible printed circuit board, commonly speaking, it is a PCB made of soft materials (materials that can be folded and bent)) The connector is used for the connection between the LCD display and the drive circuit (PCB). , mainly 0.5mm pitch products. 0.3mm pitch products have also been widely used. With the trend that LCD drivers are integrated into LCD devices, the number of pins of FPC will be reduced accordingly, and related products have appeared on the market. From a longer-term perspective, in the future, the FPC connector will be expected to be integrated with other mobile phone components on the frame of the mobile phone or its LCD module.

Product Advantages

FPC Connector
  • Manufacturing miniaturized, compact, high-density integration;
  • save space;
  • Simplified wiring procedure, simple connection;
  • Save labor costs;
  • Excellent flexibility, flexible application and foldable.


FPC Connector
  • 1. Digital communication products
  • 2. Portable Electronics
  • 3. Computer peripheral equipment
  • 4. Measuring instruments
  • 5. Automotive Electronics
  • 6. Medical equipment

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