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Internal part number:BUSF202B3N11350SR

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  • 1.Pin header, a kind of connector, English name: Pin Header.
  • 2.This kind of connector is widely used in PCB circuit boards in electronics, electrical appliances, and instruments. Its function is to act as a bridge between blocked circuits or isolated circuits, and is responsible for current or signal transmission. Task. It is usually used in conjunction with a female header to form a board-to-board connection; or used in conjunction with an electronic harness terminal to form a board-to-wire connection; it can also be used independently for board-to-board connection.

Product Advantages

Pin Header Connector
  • Current or signal transmission


Pin Header Connector
  • 1. Data processing
  • 2. Computer
  • 3. Program control equipment
  • 4. Automatic control
  • 5. Automation
  • 6. Communication

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